THE THIEF x A. Andreassen

Our collaboration with THE THIEF hotel Oslo is all about adding a little touch to an already special place. THE THIEF cares about sustainability and Norwegian design so we set out to make hotel slippers that guests will really want to take home and keep.
 THE THIEF x A. Andreassen slippers
The exclusive design references the signature weaving of our Elskling collection of mules and slippers. The soft rubber soles offset grey felt uppers for a subtle look that at home in the vibrant rooms of THE THIEF. Each pair comes with a matching linen shoe bag.
THE THIEF x A. Andreassen slippers in the hotel
Each guest of the hotel will receive their complimentary pair of slippers to make their stay a little more comfortable. The slippers will also be available to buy from THE THIEF's store soon.
THE THIEF x A. Andreassen slippers